United Nations Jazz Band (INT)


Six instruments, five nationalities and the same passion for New Orleans Jazz.

This is the best description of the United Nations Jazz Band. With some of the very fine and most talented ‘young’ traditional jazz musicians in Europe this band is an unique combination that comes together every now and then on special occasions.

The band consists out some different fabulous solo players.


Niklas Carlsson (S)

  • First of all it is Niklas Carlsson. Niklas is one of the most famous trombone in the scene and is also one of the founders of the well known Swedish Second Line Jazzband.

Jerome Etcheberry (F)

  • From France it is Jerome Etcheberry on trompet. Jerome is professional trompet for many years now and used to play in bands like the ‘institute’ French band ‘Les Harictot Rouges’. especially in slow down numbers Jerome’s way of trompet playing makes every women (or some even man) in love.

Chris Tanner (AUS)


  • On the Clarinet it is the Claridude from Austrialia : Chris Tanner. Born in the area of Melbourne Chris played in several bands like the The Hoodangers and Yarra Yarra Jazz Band and did some tours through Russia and Europe. Beside his melodious playing Chris is also a pure performer when he is singing.

Kasper Tagel (DK)


  • Kasper is the the latest addition to the band, the second Dane, and is playing the double base. He is an experienced musician in the New Orleans genre, and best known for his work with the Danish neo-trad band Six City Stompers…”

Norbert Reijngoud (NL)

  • On the banjo we find a Dutchman. Norbert is playing the banjo in the swinging style of Jim McIntosh and George Formby and was one of the founder of the former Dutch ‘youngster’ Hot Revival Stompers. Watch out for the “Dutch moment’!

Stefan Andersen (DK)

  • The Danish Stefan Andersen is the stimulating drummer that completes the rhythm’ section. Stefan, extremely good in playing the second line rhythm, is also the drummer of the well known Danish Jazzfive.